According to legend, the US national treasure sports car is scheduled for 2018 North American auto show starting, but also may follow the trend will launch pure electric version.
Appearance, layers of camouflage did not reveal too much detail, but for a super run only, the most important natural is its power side, at the same time, we can also clearly see from the figure, Colvik C8 to change the engine.
In fact, GM has long been in the study of the new layout of the engine, and even the first plan to be completed in the C7 such e46 m3 coilovers a major change. But in 2009 when the United States broke out of the bankruptcy of the car prices, GM did not
escape; so in this storm, the Corvette C7 mid-engine plan so it would be.
Prior to the general engineer "accidentally" revealed, C8 is likely to be set in the front of a transparent window, you can directly see the inside of the new engine. But these spy photos can be captured in fact very simple, according to
the "informer" message, GM test C8 time deliberately arranged at night, just do not want to "spy" capture the actual performance of C8. And its Kentucky factory also suspended the factory for 18 months.
There is also a message that the Corvette C8 is going to have a 6.2L V8 engine with coilovers a DOHC (double overhead camshaft), code-named LT5. If the situation is true, then the C8 will be the 1995 after the use of DOHC technology engine
Corvette family models.
As for the specific power parameters, taking into account the power of the previous generation C7 Z06 has more than C6 ZR1, reached 650, C8 must only be higher, do not know this change in the Corvette can cause Nissan GTR The sensation.
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